How to Add a Course Requirement

This guide will show you how to limit enrollment in a course based on a user's demographics, such as their department, division, school, district, etc.

1) Open the System Configuration Menu

Hover the mouse over Configuration and select System Configuration.

2) Open Course Requirements Menu

Under Course Management, click the link labeled 'Course Comments/Pre-Requisites/Requirements/Reminder/Expense Tracking/Conference & Custom Fields'.

3) Enable Course Requirements

For most applications, it is best to select the indicated option.

-Note- This feature was recently transitioned from schools, so some of the original details have not been corrected yet. They will not impact what the users sees and are only visible in the admin areas.

4) Add Requirements to Courses

Enabling course requirements will add an additional Requirements menu in the classic course add/edit menus. These fields are generated based on the user registration form's additional fields, if they exist.

Select the number of fields to reveal a pull-down tab for setting each field. If a user has a information for that field does not match any listed in this menu, they will be prevented from enrolling in this course.

If a field is left at 0, it will not be enforced.

The course requirements are currently limited and may not work for all cases.

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