How to Edit Site Colors

This article will teach you how to change the color of site elements such as the headers, category, and category text.

1) Open the Settings Tab

1) Open the Settings Tab

On the Admin home page, select 'Settings' on the side menu, then expand the 'Public Management' tab if it is not already open. Next, select 'Edit Color Scheme'

2) Changing Color Schemes

2) Changing Color Schemes

1) Select this button to undo all changes to the color scheme and restore it to its original colors.

2) Select this button to store any changes that you have made to the color scheme.

3) Click on one of the boxes to open up a color picker so you can choose the color for that element.

4) Click on the color in the color picker you want to use. The color change will display above in the box and on the page, but will not save until the apply button is pressed.

3) Check Site

Above is a demo of what the site could look like with changes in the color scheme.

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