Modifying Your Site's Terminology

Some of the default verbiage used throughout your GoSignMeUp site is customizable.  Learn how to change the terminology to better suit your organization.


Settings: Terminology

Settings: Terminology

In the left-hand navigation panel of the course grid, you will find the Terminology page under the Settings tab.


Customize a Word

Some words are more appropriate than others for certain situations. GoSignMeUp is flexible to handle many of these. For example, if your institution uses the word "Instructors" rather than "Teachers" you can change the word in the Terminology list.  Find the word you want on the Terminology list and click it. Now simply type in the new word.


Customize a Word (Cont.)

In this example, "Teacher" was replaced with "Instructor".  Now anywhere in the site that mentions "Teachers" will now display "Instructors" instead.



Reset to Default

If you wish to revert to the default terminology, click the green swirling arrow. This will reset the custom word to the system default.

Updates to Terminology

Updates to Terminology

With the latest system updates you have more Terminology options than ever.  For example, the verbiage "Order Receipt" can be changed to "Order Confirmation" and "Print Receipt" can be changed to "Print Confirmation".   Explore the Terminology table to see if you can't find a word more suited to your organization's vernacular!