How to use the Student Dashboard

Log in with your Username and Password

Click on 'My Account' if you are not taken to the Student Dashboard Automatically.

This is the Student Dashboard.

The Student Dashboard contains a condensed view of your user information and course history.

Account Information

This is the student information stored in the student account when the account was created. The fields can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner.


The Courses component shows all the current courses you are enrolled or waitlisted in, all of your past courses, the courses that have been add to your transcript, and courses you have cancelled. Selecting the course name will open up the course description, where you can see additional information about the course. The action list allows you to cancel a course (if the course allows it), print a receipt, or view any course work (if enabled). The page also shows the order number of each purchase, which can help site admins help you with order issues quickly.

Received Email

The Email component shows you all the emails that have been sent to you. Even if you lose a message to a spam filter or an old email address, the message should show up here. Clicking on the email icon on the right side of the page should open the message. Attachments on the messages should also be available for a limited duration after the message was sent before they are removed.


The certificates component contains all the certificates you have received and allows you to reprint them. If you are part of a certification program, you can view the completion status of your certifications. (This is an optional feature and may not show on all student dashboards)


The Survey component provides an additional link to any surveys in addition to the course evaluation email. (This is an optional feature and may not show on all student dashboards)