How to Reset a Forgotten Password (Ruby)

1. When you click to Login, there is an option that asks "Forgot your username or password?" Click this to be taken to the account recovery page.

2. Here you can choose if you forgot your username or password. Choose the first option to reset your password.

3. It will ask for your username and email address. You must enter the information that is in the system. When you enter this  information, click on "Continue".

4. If it finds your account, it will let you know that the reset email has been sent to your email address.

5. This is the actual email you will get. Click on the "Reset your password" link to be taken back to the system.

6. This is the page you will see. You can now enter in your new password. Confirm your password and press "Submit"

7. You have now successfully reset your password. You can now login with the new account information.