How Do I Use the Roster Report

This lesson will show you how to use the Rosters Report. The Rosters Report is a good tool where you can see details about the students enrolled in any course. You can see who is enrolled, what they paid, and quickly look up their order.

Click on "Course Grid" from the admin home page

In the Navigation panel on the left screen you will find many options to quickly navigate around the system.  Choose "Rosters" option under Courses.

Rosters Report Overview

The Rosters Report gives you a real-time snapshot of your current enrollment statistics.  Each course has the its information on the grey bar, and then the enrolled students underneath it.

Searching and Exporting

1. You can search for a specific course name, number, grade, etc., by typing it in to the search box and then clicking "Search".

2. You can further narrow down your search results by putting in a date range.

3. At any time you can export the current view to Excel for further manipulation.

4. You can choose if you want to exclude canceled students from the report as well.

Searching and Exporting (cont)

You can also help your search by sorting by Course Date and/or Course Name


You can sort the columns by clicking the down arrow in the column header and choosing either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the drop down.

How to change the layout of the information on the report

Click and drag the column headers left and right to move the columns around to whatever you wish.  Also you can change which columns display from the drop down that appears when you click the down arrow on a column heading.  Check the columns you want to see and uncheck the columns you want to hide.

Actions you can take

In the top bar next to the course name is a drop down menu that allows you to perform course-related actions.

Print Sign-in Sheets

Print Certificates

Take Attendance

Email the course

Duplicate the course

Go to the transcripts for the course

Move students

Replace Students

Whenever you see a link in the report, you can click on that to be taken to another screen. For example, clicking on the student name will take you to that students edit page. Clicking on the order number or any of the prices will take you to that order.

A good use of the rosters report is the ability to see what the total for the students and what they have paid

You can see what the students owe for the course and for materials separately. You can also see what they have paid on their order. The report totals these out for you also. This is all information that you can export to a .csv file as well.