The Daily Accounting Report

How to use this powerful data mining tool.

Locate The Report on the Course Grid Menu

In the left-hand navigation panel on the course grid, locate the Daily Accounting report.  The Course Grid is accessed via the top menu under Courses | Course Grid.  

Daily Accounting Search and Sort Options

The Daily Accounting report has many ways to view the transaction data.  You can sort and search by many criterion.  

Sort by - Course Date (1) or Course Name (2)

Choose this option if you wish to show Zero Dollar Transactions (3) - "Zero Dollar Transactions" means  sometimes people use coupons to pay and their balance is "0"- so they don't have to "pay" and they will not show up at on this report unless this box is checked.

Show Refunds Only (4) limits the displayed results to transactions with refunds only.  

When you have all of your criteria in and want to start the search process, click the Search Now button (5).

Daily Accounting Search and Sort Options (Continued)

To Filter results by Payment Date, click on the From box and select a date from the resulting pop-up (1).  Repeat the process for the To: date. (2)

To limit the search to courses with a specific name or keyword (such as Order Number, Course Number, etc.), place that in the Search Box - in this example limiting to courses with 'spine' in the title.  (3)

When you have all of your criteria in and want to start the search/process, click the Search Now button (4)

Changing the Display Grid

Like any of the interactive grids in GoSignMeUp, you can change how the information displays on screen.  You can drag the top columns left or right to change the display order (1).

You can also decide which columns to hide or display - click the down arrow that appears next to a column heading (2) for Sort Ascending or Sort Descending options, or hover over the Columns button to display the fly-out (3) and put a check mark next to the column you want to see.  Otherwise, uncheck to hide that column.

Export to Excel

Once you have the results you can review the information on screen or Export to Microsoft Excel.  Click the Export to excel to create a CSV file, which will open as a spreadsheet in excel, where you can further sort and analyze your data!