Using the Supervisor Dashboard

This guide will show you how to use many of the features of the Supervisor Dashboard.

Supervisors are typically bound to one or more students, and can be bound either directly or automatically based on fields in the Student's account. This are some of the primary features of Supervisors...

1) Edit student account information such as passwords or addresses

2) Enroll students in courses

3) Email individual students

4) View a student's course history



Before you can use the Supervisor Dash you need to understand how the supervisor role works in the GoSignMeUp system.  You may already be familiar with the old supervisor dash and can move forward in this user guide.  If not, you may wish to review the What Can Supervisor's Do help guide.  If you are unsure about the supervisor role or Supervisor Dash, contact the GoSignMeUp Support Team if you would like to start utilizing these features.

1) Log In

1) Log In

From the public side, click the Login option on the top right menu.  Click the Supervisor radio button, then type in your Username and Password and click the Login button.

2) Supervisor Dash

The Supervisor Dash will allow a supervisor to do many common tasks as well as manage the students assigned to them.  The dash is split in to different areas.

1) Supervisor Identity

2) List of students Supervisor oversees.

3) Received Email Audit List

4) Common Reports

3) Edit Identity

3) Edit Identity

To edit a section of the Supervisor's identity information, click the Pencil icon in the top corner (1).  Make any changes you wish, then click the save disc icon (2).

4) Student List

4) Student List

The student list is where the supervisor can see all of the students that they oversee. They can then find specific students and make any changes that are needed such as adding them to a course, email the student, canceling the student from a course, etc..

1) You can search for a student by typing their name into the search bar.

2) You can also sort this report by any column that you want by clicking on the column.

3) The actions drop-down for every student gives you the actions you can take on that student.

4) You can pull this list of students and export it to excel if you would like to.

5) You can also click on any student name to be taken to their account. This is where you can see courses they are currently enrolled for, and cancel them out if you would like to.

5) Student Dashboard - Edit a student, remove a Student From a Course

If you click on the student name in the previous step, you will be taken to that student's dashboard, where you can see more information about them.

1) You can edit the student's information by editing any of the fields and then clicking the save icon in that corresponding widget.

2) This is also where you can see what courses they are taking, and cancel them out if you need to. Simply click on the drop-down for the course, and select cancel course.

6) Student Dashboard - Move from Wait list

6) Student Dashboard - Move from Wait list

Supervisors can also move students to enrolled from the wait list. This increases the size of the course. This is an optional feture.

7) Enroll a Student

7) Enroll a Student

When you choose "Enroll" for an existing student, you will be taken to the public side that the users see, to enroll in a course as if you were them.

8) Multiple Enroll

To register multiple users into a course, you must open up the course you would like to enroll the users for, and click on "Multiple Enrollment".

9) Multiple Enrollment

That will open up the multiple enrollment pop up for this course. You can search through the students and choose who to add.

1) This area shows you the students that you have already added to this course.

2) This is the area where you can search for users.

3) Click on the Green + signs next to users you would like to add to the course. Click on the red - signs for any students you want to take off of the course.

After doing these, click to finish enrolling. You can also either checkout, or continue enrolling students in different courses.

10) Add New Student

10) Add New Student

Under the reports tab, you can click to add a new student. That will take you to the student creation page where you can add all of the required information including a username and password, to create a user account for your Organization.

11) Check Courses

11) Check Courses

Under the reports tab, selecting Course Grid shows you all the courses in the system.

12) Course Report View

This view shows all of the courses that are currently in the system.

1) These three buttons allow you to filter courses based on their end date. Courses that have ended are 'Past', and courses that have not started or are in progress are 'Current'. Pressing 'All Courses' shows past and present courses.

2) Courses can also be filtered by entering one of the fields shown in grey into the box.

3) Exports the document to Excel.

4) Allows you to change the current page.

13) Sorting Courses

To sort courses, hover the mouse over the field you want to sort by and click the arrow that appears next to it. Then you can choose either an ascending or descending sort. Alternately, clicking on the field will toggle between the two sorting options.

14) Removing Fields from the Course Report

To remove a field, hover the mouse over any of the fields and select the arrow that appears. Hovering the mouse over 'Columns' shows a list of all the fields in the course report. Uncheck a field to remove it from the report, or check an unchecked field to restore it.

15) Supervisor Report

15) Supervisor Report

To get to the Supervisor report, which is the most dynamic report for supervisors, click on Supervisor Report under the Reports area.

16) Supervisor Report

Here is where you can view all of your students and what they have taken, including attendance/transcript information

1) You can search for students by name or Organization they are a part of.

2) You can search for courses using a course date range.

3) You export the report to excel.

4) You can print a PDF of this report.

17) Supervisor Report PDF

When printing a PDF report, you can only choose 5 fields that will be able to fit on the PDF. Choose Export to create the PDF.