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How to set up Google Analytics to Track Conversions

Now you can set up your GoSignMeUp to track 'conversions' using a new static 'Thank You' page.


Analytics Code

You will need to set up your GoSignMeUp system with Google Analytics code - click here for the help guide


Defining your Goals

Once Google Analytics is set up, it is a great way to monitor traffic to your GoSignMeUp web site.  Its easy enough to set up a conversion 'goal' to track how many people have gone thru the registration process.  This was impossible in the past as for security reasons every user has unique URLs for their session, which are tracked but not easy to see as each URL is unique.


Analytics Admin

To set up a Goal, click the Admin option on Google Analytics.  In the right column you will find Goals - click that.

New Goal

Click the New Goal button and Choose a template that makes sense such as Revenue.  Then click Next step.


Goal Type

Set Goal Type as Destination and click Next Step.

Set Destination

Set up an URL as a conversion goal destination using the sample below - substitute your GSMU site URL for the first part, making sure it ends with /public/cart/ThankYou



this static URL is triggered whenever anyone now completes the registration process. It launches the page in the background and Google Analytics can see it and registers it as a goal if you tell it to.

This way you can count the number of registrations in Analytics in real time!   Click Create Goal to finish.  That's it!

Track Conversions

With your conversion goal defined, after a few days Google Analytics should let you know how many people have gone thru the entire registration process to trigger the goal.  All of this information is of course very easy to see using the Daily Accounting report within GoSignMeUp, but it is also valuable to see this information within Google Analytics - which is why we added the feature!