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Applying Coupons to Individual Courses - Coupon "Stacking"

Set up the system to accept a coupon code for each course listed at checkout.

Set Up Coupons

To set up a Coupon Code, from the administration side, Click on the Coupons link from the System Configration menu.

Enable Coupon "Stacking"

Simply enable the 'Stack coupon per Course' option at the bottom of the page. To locate select System Configuration from the Configuration drop down menu > Coupons. Once this feature is enabled, the Apply Coupon field will display line by line for each course the student is registered for during the check-out process. The student will enter the coupon code, then select 'Apply Code' for each course.


Once 'Stack Coupon per course' is enabled, this screen shot is a sample of what the check-out page looks like to the student.  

Creating coupons is easy and you can select to use a 'global' coupon to be applied to the entire order, or to use the 'stacked' coupon which is course specific.

The discount can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. The user simply enters the coupon code, then clicks 'Apply Coupon'.

Coupon codes are maintained and distributed by administrators, and are a great way to promote courses and increase attendance.

(The rest of this tutorial goes on to explain how to set up a coupon.)

Coupon Screen

The Coupon screen displays all of the current Coupon Codes within the system.  A coupon has a valid date range that it is active, set by the Start and Expire dates.

You can also set the coupon to be 'Automatic', if you wish everyone registering during a certain period to receive the discount.  Click on a Coupon Code to see and edit the details of an existing Coupon, or click the Click Here to add a coupon link to create a new one.


Create A New Coupon

When you click the Click Here to add a coupon link you will see the coupon information screen.    First, create the coupon code.  This can be a number, text, or combination of both.  (1)

If your coupon is for a percentage off of the total registration fee, enter the percentage here. (2).  This value is just the number, from 1 to 100, representing the percent of the discount.  

You may use up to two decimal places, i.e., 8.5 value would result in a 8 1/2 % price reduction.

For a static dollar amount discount, enter that value here (3).

Active Dates

To set the dates that the Coupon Code is active, enter a Coupon Start (1) and End (2) Date.  The coupon will expire and not work outside of this date range - so be sure

that the date's you put in here are valid and will be appropriate for your promotion.

Course-Specific Coupon

You can set your coupon code to be valid only if a registrant purchases a specific course, that is they would have to have this specifc course in their cart for the coupon code to be active.

This is not mandatory, but sometimes a promotion is for a specific course and if you do not specify that course when creating the coupon code, the code could be used for any course purchases.

Find and click on the desired course.  If the coupon code is valid for more than one course, hold the Ctrl key and click on all courses that apply.  If you do not specify a specific course or courses for this

coupon code, then it will apply to all courses.

One Time Use

If you want your registrant to be able to use the coupon code only once, set this field to Yes.  Otherwise, a No value will allow them to re-use the code multiple times.

Applies Towards Materials

If you have set up a percentage coupon code you may wish to restrict the discount to the courses only.  This field allows you to do that by setting the value to "Yes".

Maximum Order Discount

If you choose a percentage coupon code, but want to limit the amount of the discount, you can set that value here.  Otherwise your registrant could apply a coupon code to a long list of courses and recieve a larger discount than you want.

# of Courses

Another control for triggering the discount is Number of Courses.  Sometimes you may wish to offer a discount after a certain number of courses are purchased.  Here is where you set that number.


If you want your coupon code to automatically populate if the associated course is purchased, set this value to Yes.  Otherwise, even if the registrant is signing up for the correct course, unless they manually enter the coupon code, they will not recieve the discount.  


Be sure to click the Add button at the bottom of the page to continue.  If you are on the coupon information screen by mistake, click the Back To Coupon Listing link.

Once you click Add the coupon code will be active.  The coupons are only usable in the public signup area and are not usable in the Admin. Enrollment area.

Also, the coupon entry box will only show up when the order has a Course or Materials Cost, and will not appear for free courses.

Enable Coupon "Stacking"

If you wish to 'stack' the coupon codes - that is allow the use of a coupon per course not just per order, simply enable the Stack coupon per Course option at the bottom of the page on the Coupons link from the System Configuration menu.