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How to Add A Course Graphic to Tile View (Ruby)

Its easy to add an eye-catching graphic to your course catalog listings!


Find  A Course - Course Dash

Use the Course Grid or the Search feature on the Course Dash page to locate the course you wish to add a tile graphic to.  

Once loaded, you will see a Public Course Display Image widgit on the center bottom of the screen.

Upload a Graphic

Upload a Graphic

Click the paperclip icon in the top right of the Public Course Display Image widgit to upload a graphic.

Select a File

Select a File

Click the Select button, then browse your local machine for a graphic to use.  Graphic tiles should be at 72 dpi, 230 pixels wide and 133 tall.

Upload Graphic

Upload Graphic

That's all there is to it!  Now when you view the public side, you will see the graphic appear in the tile view course listings (see image next step).

Sample Tiles

Go to the GoSignMeUp sample tile page to see a list of available tiles to use, or download one as a size template.  

Click to visit http://gosignmeup.com/graphicsandicons/tiles.php

Public side

Adding a graphic to each course helps easily differentiate them in the course catalog tile view.