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How To Brand The Order Receipt/Confirmation Page

This how-to guide will help you customize how the order receipt page appears to the student after the registration process is complete.  

You can control the font, size and color of the type as well as upload your company logo to create a professional looking document.

Order Receipt Layout

The Order Receipt is the final screen that a student will see after completing the registration process.  This screen can be printed, and the details are also emailed to the user.

As a GoSignMeUp administrator, you can control the look and feel of this screen, as well as the resulting document.  You can assign different type colors, sizes and fonts, as well as embed your corporate logo for a professional look.

Admin Side - Confirmation Screen page

From the top Administration menu, choose Courses, then Course Grid.  From there move under the Settings section of the left-hand menu and click the Confirmation Screen option.

Editing the Confirmation Screen

Once on the Order Confirmation screen then click the Edit headers and footers.

WYSIWYG Editor - Text

Click to edit the Header area.  The editor menu allows you to change font, size and color.  

Highlight the desired text, then choose from the text formatting options across the top of the editor box.  

Options are (left to right) Choose to Bold, Italicize or Underline.  Increase or Decrase the font size.  Change the font color.  Change the color of the area behind the text.   Align left. Center. Align right.  Hyperlink.  Bullet list.  Edit HTML.  Fix text Pasted from Microsoft Word.

WYSIWYG Editor - Graphics

You can import a graphic to include on your Confirmation Receipt page using the WYSIWYG editor as well.  

First, move the cursor and click where you want the graphic to go.  Once you see the cursor flashing at the insertion point, click the

Upload Dialog box

Click the Select File button and browse around your computer hard drive until you find the desired file.

Insert in to Document

Once the logo uploads it should appear in your document.  Be sure to click the top blue disc icon to save your changes.

Test Print

To see how your confirmation screen will print, click the Print Confirmation option at the top right of the screen.  If you are not satisfied with the results you can repeat the editing process until you are.