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What Can Instructors Do? (Instructor Dashboard)

Login With Your Instructor Account Information

The Instructor Dashboard View

1) Click the Pencil icon to edit the instructor's picture, Username, or Password.

2) Click the Pencil to edit the instructor's general account info, such as your name, email, address, and more.

3) This view shows all of an Instructor's courses and allows them to perform actions on the courses.

4) This view contains all the emails an Instructor has received from admins and users on their site.

5) This is where instructors will see the survey results of their users. Also, any surveys the instructor needs to take will show here.

6) Allows Instructors to perform other tasks, such as requesting courses, booking a room or view room bookings, and more.

Note: Some features seen here may not be enabled on your dashboard. Admins can control some if the fields that

Courses and Actions

1) At the top, the Instructor can choose to view current course, past courses, and courses that haven't had attendance taken on them.

2) Click the highlighted course name to view the course description that the users see.

3) From the action bar, Instructors can perform actions on a course, including

  • Print Classic Sign-In Sheet
  • Print New Sign-In Sheet
  • Print and Email Certificates
  • Print Name Tag
  • Take and Edit Attendance
  • Email a Student


Classic Sign-in Sheet

1) Set the type of sign-in sheet and it's orientation. Additionally, Instructors can add a small image and set the school name as well.

2) Set the columns that are supposed to show on the sign-in sheet (Signature will always show in the last column).

3) Print the sign-in sheet with the names of all the students in the list above.

Sheet

1) The sign-in sheet can be printed as either a CSV or as a PDF.

2) Set the columns that you want to show in the sign-in sheet. Setting a column to 'Select Field' will remove that column, freeing more space for other columns. The signature column will always show and does not need to be added separately.

Completion Certificates

When sending certificates, select the students to send a certificate to.

Choose a certificate to send to all the selected students.

Select the 'Email Certificates to Students' checkbox when ready to email certificates. Leaving it unchecked allows instructors to preview the certificates before sending them, or to print the certificates themselves.

Name Tags

This page allows instructors to print name tags for their students. Refer to the Help guide lesson "How Do I Print Name Tags?" for details.


Mark the attendance record for each student.

When attendance has been entered or edited, press the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Mark 'Finalize Attendance' when attendance is fully completed for the course and then press submit.


1) When messaging some but not all of the students, mark the box next to the student's name.

2) Add any additional primary recipients here.

3) Add any recipients who should get a CC.

4) Enter the subject of the email.

5) Enter the email message here.

6) Determines whether emails go to all students, or only the selected ones.

7) Allows students in the wait list to also receive the email.

8) Attach up to 6 files to the email.

Room Management

Course Request

The Course Request system, if enabled, allows instructors to request a new course by inputting the course details and submitting it to the site admins who can then review it.