How Do I Use the Class List in the Course Dashboard/Grid

This guide will show you what you can do when using the Class List. Highlights include canceling students, and managing the wait-list of the course.

1. On the Course Dashboard (Or Actions Menu in Course Grid) You can select "Edit Class List"

2. That will give you the Class List Pop-Up

3. With the Class List, you can manage different options regarding enrollments for the course.

1) You can search for a specific user that is in the course by typing their name here.

2) You can manage the Max Enrolled and Waiting-List amount for the courses by clicking the edit icon. Please note, this is for more manual customization of the course. It will not automatically move students. We recommend filling the enrollment if there are users on the wait-list. Do not leave extra enrollment spaces, do not chose a max number that is less than the amount of users already enrolled.

3) You can cancel users here as well. The users will receive a cancellation email and any students in the wait-list will be moved to enrolled.

4) These are custom fields that you may or may not be using. You can have any notes you wish in these areas that will show when a user looks at this area. "Notes" field adds the note to the users' student note field.

4. You can manually move students from the wait-list to enrolled, or vice-versa. Simply Drag and Drop them.

The numbers on the left are to manually choose the order of the wait-list users. Moving someone to number one will mean they are the next user to be enrolled, if someone cancels.


Please for any questions or concerns regarding the Class List, please contact us at