How to use the Pay Later Feature

This guide will show you how Pay Later works for admins and users, and how to hide payment types from users who are paying later. The Pay Later system allows users to change their payment type to specified Pay Later approved payment types, or to pay the balance immediately through a Credit Card processor if one is enabled.

Open Configuration -> System Configuration

Under the Payment Management category, select 'Other Payment Methods'.

Fill in the Payment Type Information and press 'Update'.

Enter in the payment information shown in the highlighted row with your own payment title. Mark 'Allow Public to Pay Later' prevent users from using that payment type when paying later. If a credit card system is enabled, users will always be able to pay the balance immediately. When complete, press the 'Update' button to add the payment type to the list.

In the Checkout Screen, the user should select the 'Pay Later' option and then 'Place Order Now'.

In the Student Dashboard, users can view their orders and pay the outstanding balance.

1) Click on 'My Account' anywhere on the public home page to view the Student Dashboard.

2) This value in red shows the amount still owed on the course.

3) In the action menu, users can select the 'Pay Now' option to make a payment on a course.

4) This value in red shows the remaining outstanding balance that a user still owes.

Complete the order by choosing a Payment Type and pressing 'Place Order Now'.

Note: If the payment type used in Pay Later is not automatic (credit card or Paypal), the outstanding balance may not be immediately removed. It will be removed when the payment is processed by the  site.