Clock Hour Summary Report

How to use the Clock Hour Summary Report


Open the Report

From the top menu, Enter the Portal (Courses|Course Grid) and choose the Clock Hour Summary under the Reporting menu.

Date Range

For a report on a certain time frame, be sure to put in the valid date range.  Click on the little calendar next to the From Date Range box to open it - and use the left-arrow buttons to scroll in to past dates.  Click on a date to put that value in to the From box.  (You can also just type in a date using the format MM/DD/YYYY).

Repeat the process in the Date Range To box to limit the report to a certain time period.


School / Position / District

To further target you report, you can specify excactly which School / Position / District to pull records from.  Use the pull-down to select a value for each field you wish to filter with.

Export to Excel

To export the current search results to Excel, click the Export to Excel option.  This will create a comma-delimited CSV file that will open as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

Printing - Adding a Background

If you would like your printed report to have a background, click the Background Settings option.  If there is currently a background in place, it will show a Background Image Existing : True message in the pop up.  Otherwise, click the Select Photo option and upload your own.  Background images should be 1400 x 1800 pixels in dimension, at 300 dpi (download sample for reference).

Click here for a sample background-


Clicking Export to PDF option will create a version of the report that you can print or email.