How to print Sign In Sheets (Course Grid)

The Course Grid offers a quick way to print sign-in sheets.  (Currently this new sign-in sheet is available only to administrators - it will be available to instructors soon!)


Locate your course

From the top menu on the administration side, under Courses, you will find Course Grid.

From the Course Grid, locate the desired course.  Then from the Actions column, choose "Sign-in sheets"


Example Sign In Sheet

sheets allow for branding, multiple days, and notes.

Pop-up interface

After you choose "Sign-in sheets", you should see the pop-up interface.  Here you can modify how the sign-in sheets look with a host of options.

Choosing options

For multiple day courses, choose the dates by holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, and clicking the desired dates.  Then also change the Show Multiple Dates to "Yes".  This will result in a line of dates along with a place for the attendee to initial.  Selecting "No" on the Show Multiple Dates feature will only print one date.  For single date courses, the date should be automatically selected.


Branding your Sign-in Sheets

The new sign-in sheets use the existing "Sign in Sheet" image found under the Configuration | Header/Footer/Logos/Phone Number/Waiting list page.  You may wish to update that image to a high-resolution image - the system is set up for 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall at 300 dpi (see link below).

NOTE: Recommended image should be 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall at 300 dpi.  Click here for a sample.

To add a different image to your sign-n sheet, such as a corporate brand, click the Add Image button.  Now you can upload any image to add to your sign in sheet, but again it should be 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall at 300 dpi.

Once an image is uploaded, it will appear in the Image on File dropdown (shown above).  Also you can add up to 2 title lines for your report in the Configuration area under Header/Footer/Logos/Phone Number/Waiting list  ( titles entered here will appear on all Sign In Sheets).


If you find some odd titles on your printout you may want to check your legacy sing-in sheet configuration.  From the top menu, under Configuration | System Configuration | Header/Footer/Logos/Phone Number/Waiting list, scroll down to the Sign-In Sheet area - there you will see areas for the title areas.  You can also leave these areas blank.  

As stated in the previous step this is also where the default sign-in image is - You may wish to update that image to a high-resolution image - the system is set up for 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall at 300 dpi (see link in previous step).


You can change the layout of the sign-in sheets by adding or deleting columns.  Use the drop downs to choose what data to include on the report.  The "Name" and "Signature" columns are on all sign-in sheets, but selecting an option from one of the 5 column options will add that information to the report as well.  If you don't want to include an additional column, choose the 'Select Field' option - if all of these optional columns are set to 'Select Field',  the report will print only the "Name" and "Signature" columns.


You can add a note under a particular student if you wish by enabling this feature - Under Configuration choose Student Registration Fields and Configuration- and scroll down to Display additional notes field on the sign in sheet:and check it. Then back in the Sign In sheet popup you will see additional note boxes - Click on the box below the student name and type your note which will appear on the sign-in sheet.  Be sure the Print Note option is set to Yes.

Print or Export

Choose your orientation preference (Portrait or Landscape) then click the Print button in the top left corner.  If you prefer, you can export to Excel using the CSV button.